We provide world class noise and vibration measurement services. It is our business to understand the intricacies monitoring and measurement standards and instrumentation so that your data is rock solid defendable.

Much of measurement is required to establish project position. Whether to show ongoing compliance or to establish project critiera, we understand the critical elements required to provide you with the best project position available to you.

The following standards are just a few that we can provide complete compliance with:
  • NSW Noise policy for Industry
  • Queensland EP Act, Regulation and Policy (EPP Noise)
  • DTMR Code of Practice
  • QLD MP4.4
  • VicRoads Traffic noise reduction policy
  • Vic State Environment Protection Policy No.1 (SEPP N-1)
  • Vic Noise from Industry in regional Victoria (NIRV)
  • SA Environmental Protection (Noise) Policy
  • WA Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulation
  • NT Noise Management Framework Guideline
  • NT Environmental Assessment Act
  • Tas Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Noise) Regulations
  • IEC 61672 2013 Electroacoustics – Sound Level Meters
  • AS2436 Guide to noise and vibration control on construction,
  • demolition and maintenance sites
  • ISO 8041 Human response to vibration
  • DIN45669 Measurement of vibration immision
  • AS1055 Acoustics – description and measurement of environmental noise
  • AS2436 Guide to noise and vibration control on construction sites
  • ANSI S1.4 Specifications for sound level meters

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