Noise emissions from mining can hamstring operations and exports. Trust Matrix Acoustics to deliver accurate and reliable noise emissions modelling, and real-time monitoring to ensure on-going compliance and minimal impacts to productivity. We have extensive experience in all aspects of managing mining noise and vibration emissions. EIS and DA applications are a speciality of ours as is designing and implementing monitoring systems that show on-going compliance with site conditions. With full coal board inducted staff, we can easily attend sites to perform fleet emissions measurements or receptor compliance measurements. Connect with us today.


Construction projects need to be able to predict high-risk activities and put mitigation measures in place to ensure that the schedule is not impacted and the works can continue. At Matrix Acoustics, we understand how important the project schedule is, and how much project delays actually cost. We are highly responsive and are expert at delivering assessments and monitoring systems that allow the project to proceed at maximum pace. With extensive experience in all sectors of construction including road, bridges, rail, buildings, culverts, and tunnels, you can rely on Matrix Acoustics to bring trustworthy noise and vibration expertise to your project.


Concert theatres, recording studios, school halls, dance studios, rehearsal spaces, and practice rooms all need to consider acoustics. Matrix Acoustics has over 30 years of experience delivering world class performance acoustics. Having designed dozens of recording studios and concert halls, you can rely on Matrix Acoustics to deliver the highest performing acoustic spaces.

The combination of sound reinforcement and acoustics is essential to an immersive experience in a performance venue. We offer complete acoustic and PA modelling and design services to ensure that the acoustics and PA work in conjunction.

Electro-acoustic enhancement and artificial reverberation systems are a particular interest to Matrix Acoustics. We can design systems to make a school hall replicate the acoustics of the great halls around the world. Practice rooms can be enhanced to provide the performance environment that the player would experience on the stage. With our industry contacts and links with Australian manufacturers, Matrix Acoustics is ready to deliver the next generation performance spaces.


Development of road projects requires the integration of many engineering and scientific disciplines. Matrix Acoustics understands how to work as an integral part of a larger design team. Our staff have worked on some of the largest road projects in Australia and New Zealand and know what it takes to deliver road projects large or small. We have a comprehensive monitoring and modelling suite and a thorough knowledge of the federal, state and local legislations that all impact on road projects. Engage Matrix Acoustics to include an acoustics group with comprehensive knowledge and skill in your design team.


Rail projects are often large projects that include very complex challenges and constraints. A significant challenge for large rail projects is to quantify the likely issues that may transpire both during the detailed design phase as well as during the construction phase. Matrix Acoustics is a proactive and agile consultancy that have foresight, initiative, and exceptional technical skills to plan and to manage noise and vibration issues so you can get the project done on time.


Noise emissions from aircraft, particularly around airports, is a growing area in acoustics. As travel expands, the need for flights increases. We are able to provide modelling and assessment expertise for airports. Airports also include large internal spaces which require paging systems and distributed audio. We have a complete PA design suite and intelligibility modelling and are able to incorporate acoustic reverberation management in conjunction with highly intelligible distributed audio systems.

Verification of internal noise levels in aircraft is another service offered by Matrix Acoustics. Measurements in accordance with ISO 5129 for both passenger and crew areas are available.


Planning studies for environmental impact assessments and development applications require the assessor to have a vast range of experience to determine the most cost-effective management decisions for the project. At Matrix Acoustics we are proud of the fact that we are involved in many real-world mitigation designs and implementations. Our high-level advice is backed up by countless hours of measurements and noise management implementations across dozens of project types. Mining, industry, horticulture, animal husbandry, water, power generation and transmission, oil and gas, and recycling are all industries that we have assisted in the approvals process.


Whether for speech privacy between counselling rooms, noise control in an office, external noise impact management from road or aircraft noise, or control of building services noise, we have the expertise to deliver. At Matrix Acoustics with over 30 years of combined experience, we know that co-operation and integration are critical to a successful outcome for all parties. We work in close collaboration with clients, architects, project managers, and other stakeholders to ensure seamless incorporation of acoustic design, products and other acoustic solutions for the successful delivery of the project.

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