Impact Testing

Impact Isolation Testing

Noise between upstairs and downstairs dwellings or occupancies is a world-wide recognised quality of life issue. Significant foot fall noise from occupants upstairs can significantly impact on the quality of life of the occupants. The Australian National Construction Code has recently been updated and includes more stringent requirements for impact isolation of strata title and adjacent dwellings.

National Construction Code (NCC)

Recent updates to the National Construction Code have increased the need to show compliance with inter-dwelling and inter-floor impact isolation. The standard that the NCC requires testing to be done to is ASNZ ISO140-7 Acoustics – Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements Part 7: Field measurements of impact sound insulation of floors.


Matrix Acoustics have significant experience in conducting impact isolation testing and are able to offer these services to our clients. We have standard rates for standard tests within the greater Brisbane area and also offer services to facilities throughout Queensland and Australia.

Compliant documentation

At Matrix Acoustics, our documentation completely fulfils the requirements of ISO140-7 and are written in plain English for everyone to understand, so you can proceed with confidence. In the event that the tests show an irregularity or even non-compliance we are able to assist with remediation works required to achieve the requirements of NCC or the specific body corporate.

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