Construction noise and vibration

We have a solid track record in delivering construction noise and vibration assessments that put you in a strong position to meet all regulatory compliance criteria. We work closely with you to understand your project and likely challenges so they can be properly addressed in the assessment. Ensuring you have a defendable position on compliance is key from the planning phase through to the construction phase.

Keeping you a step ahead: Agile and timely.

We take on the mandate of getting your job done on time and mitigating risk across the lifecycle of your project. You’re our client and we’ve got your back. We are forward-thinking in identifying potential issues and alerting you of emerging risks to keep you a step ahead.

We use Matrix Hub, an industry-best project monitoring system for automatic, integrated tracking of environmental data throughout the construction phase. We are highly responsive where immediate noise or vibration measurements are required and in many cases can provide same-day site visits to take measurements or conduct assessments as required.

Time is money: Delays cost but astute planning conquers.

We understand how crucial it is to manage and avoid project delays. Our valued clients are well attuned to the business advantages of a whole-of-project view that carefully considers risks and impacts across the whole project lifecycle. This is where Matrix Acoustics delivers best value in providing ongoing and eperience technical expertise and mitigation, from the planning phase through to construction and ongoing operational compliance.

We bring an indepth knowledge of Australia’s regulatory criteria, combined with a detailed understanding of multiple calculation and prediction methods. This means we can leverage the most suitable assessment for your project.

We get large, complex construction projects.

When you work with Matrix Acoustics, you tap into 30+ years of experience across a range of sectors,including transport, construction, mining, power, oil and gas, and in delivering many types of projects across design, systems implementation, and planning. We understand effective project management and the need for a highly communicative relationship between clients, stakeholders and regulators.

Your project is our project: This one and the next.

We take on your project like it’s our own. You’re our valued client and we’ve got your back. We put you in a strong position to meet all compliance criteria and to skillfully troubleshoot challenges as they arise. That’s why our most valuable clients prefer us and involve us in many of their successful construction projects. We think of ourselves as your inhouse team of specialists.

Our long running partnerships are built on excellent communication, troubleshooting every issue and actively keeping our clients one step ahead of any emerging or present issues. We like the people we work with and we want them to succeed.

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