Architectural and performance acoustics

What do you think of when you think ‘Architectural Acoustics’? Creative spaces such as concert halls and performance venues have a high specific set of design parameters. Critical listening and recording spaces need to achieve spectacularly high acoustic specifications while maintaining an aethetic the liberates creative performance. There are many elements that require consideration when designing for acoustic performance.

Design for the real world

Along the journey of creating a performance conducive venue, other entirely pragmatic considerations need to be addressed such as noise and vibration from the plant and equipment, impact noise from adjacent spaces, and regulatory environmental noise emissions control. Integration of all these aspects is a core capability at Matrix Acousitcs.

Precision measurements

When you really want to know what is acoustically going on in your control room or recording space, we have the latest measurement software and equipment, as well as custom, in house, software that designed to measure values not available in standard equipment. We are as commited to high performance audio as you are. Having designed many studios and performance spaces, and measured and corrected even more, we understand what is required to make your recordings mixes translate from your monitoring environment into the greater world of audio.

Integrated design

We are often engaged to ‘fix’ the acoustics of a concert hall, church, board room, foyer, coffee shop, etc, simply because the acoustics was not considered during the design stage. Unfortunately, this always costs more money than implementing acoustic controls in the design phase. More importantly though, it regularly means that the architectural intent of the area is compromised by the retrofit. This doesn’t have to be the case, we have access to a very large range of acoustic products that will discretely fit with any architectural design intent.

At Matrix Acoustics, we understand that you have design objectives and intents that you are aiming to achieve, and we have the skills and facilities to make the acoustics fit your objectives.

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