Professional Noise and Vibration Consulting


Whether for coal, metalliferous, or other extractive industries, we have the experience, knowledge and accreditation to service your needs. With experience in Environmental Impact Studies, construction noise and vibration management, detailed site noise and vibration mitigation, and all manner of noise and vibration measurements, you can rely on us for quality service.

We have helped many sites achieve compliance with their statutory regulations and have helped with negotiations between clients and regulators. We know what the authorities require and their key performance indicators.

Construction Vibration

Vibration Wave Vibration management is something that you don't want to get wrong. Services like gas mains, water, fibre optic cables and underground power can all be damaged by vibration. Houses and buildings can also suffer with cracking and plaster wall damage from minimal vibration levels.




Vibratory Roller

There are many causes of vibration during a construction project. Rollers, pile driving, rock breakers, even heavy truck movements can cause vibration that is noticable at nearby receivers. Matrix Acoustics has extensive experience in vibration management in all size projects from single line underboring, through to multi-billion dollar construction projects.


We have complete vibration monitoring suite: from spot measurements through to permenant vibration stations that send email and text alerts to construction managers if a vibration threshold is exceeded.


We have protected major projects from causing damage and undue interference from vibration, and also from frivolous and vexatious complainants.

Occupational Noise

Occupation health and safety is a big concern in Australia. Research indicates that there were around 16,500 successful compensation claims due to occupational noise between 2002 and 2007. The national standard for occupational noise is called, surprisingly, the "National Standard for Occupational Noise [NOHSC:1007(2000)]" and the "National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work [NOHSC:2009(2004)]" provides guidance on how the standard can be achieved. Both are available at Safe Work Australia.

The basic requirements of the standard are:

  • 85dB(A) Leq, 8 hour
  • 140dB (lin) peak

Leq is the equivalent continuous noise level that has the same energy as the measured level (it is an energy average). This noise level limit is set to protect the long term exposure to noise. Damage is caused when the hair cells within the ear do not receive enough blood flow due to the continuous vibrations cause by noise. They basically starve to death. This is also similar to black finger from virbation such as jack hammers.
Diver helmet for noise reduction!?!The 140dB(lin) peak is the upper limit at which no noise level can exceed. This is not because standard hearing protection does not provide enough noise reduction, but rather because at this noise level, the sound is so loud it is able to be transmitted to the cochlear directly through the bone of the skull. The only hearing protection that would be effective in this situation would be something similar to the deep sea divers helmet.

One of the requirements of the code is that workers who are regularly required to wear hearing protection are also required to have annual audiometric testing. In many cases now, organisations are finding it more cost effective to mitigate the noise source, rather than require hearing protection be worn and audiometric testing be conducted. Not only is the overhead of having audiometric testing reduced, the workplace is much safer where people do not need to wear hearing protection.
Matrix Acoustics is highly experienced in the application of the national code and is able to assist your organisation with noise surveys, hearing protection specification, noise mitigation design, and training.

Architects and Acoustics

When you think of acoustics, what do you think of? There are many elements that architects are required to consider when designing new spaces, upgrades and extensions. How does the space sound? Will the noise and vibration from the plant areas impact on the quiet spaces? What regulatory environmental noise requirements does the project need to comply with? At Matrix Acousitcs, we have experience with all these and more. We are your one-stop-shop for acoustics and vibration.


The acoustic feel of the space - Architectural acoustics

We are often engaged to 'fix' the acoustics of a church, board room, foyer, coffee shop, etc, simply because the acoustics was not considered during the design stage. Unfortunately, this always costs more money than implementing acoustic controls in the design phase. More importantly though, it regularly means that the architectural intent of the area is compromised by the retrofit. This doesn't have to be the case, we have access to a very large range of acoustic products that will discretely fit with any architectural design intent.

At Matrix Acoustics, we understand that you have design objectives and intents that you are aiming to achieve, and we have the skill to make the acoustics fit those objectives.


Noise Impacts

Whether the noise impact is from external sources such as roads, rail, and aircraft, or from some other area in the building, perhaps a plant room, or a neigbouring classroom, the noise that impacts on a space can have a significant detrimental effect. If the noise impact is too great, people won't enjoy the space, and will leave. We are expert in designing facades and internal partitions that will accomplish the operational objectives of your facility. HVAC and other mechanical systems are not a problem when the partitioning and vibration isolation are designed in the right way. Open plan offices can also be designed to achieve an effective collaborative work place without the compromises of annoying office noise levels.

Development Applications

We provide comprehensive noise and vibration monitoring as required and are able to provide facade designs that meet criteria without costing the earth. We provide RPEQ service where required and are able to perform compliance measurements and reporting to satisify all regulatory requirements.


Studio DesignDetailed listening and recording are a speciality of Matrix Acoustics. Having design over a dozen studios in Queensland, we understand what is required to achieve a performance recording and listening space.

We have helped many studios tune their speakers and acoustics to maximise the performance of their room, and have tried and true building contacts who are able to build and install any treatments you may require.



Wavelength Studios at Nundah is a great example of the quality of work you can expect from Matrix Acoustics. Designed in conjunction with Latemore Architects, the project won both state and national awards.


Wavelength Studio






Want to really know what is going on in your control room or recording space? We have the latest measurement software and equipment, as well as custom, in house, software that you won't find anywhere else. We are as commited to high performance audio as you are. Having designed many studios and measured and corrected even more, we understand what is required to make your mixes translate from your monitoring environment into the greater world of audio.


Contact us today to discuss your recording studio requirements