Professional Noise and Vibration Consulting

Industry Links

Matrix Acoustics will often refer clients to suppliers of specialised products. We only refer to companies that we know and trust. We have a long association with many of the companies listed below and recommend their services. Tell them Matrix Acoustics sent you.


Acoustic Products

Acoustiblok Australia - Suppliers of mass loaded vinyl and other acoustic products.

Maxbell Acoustics - MaxBell Acoustics supply a fantastic product that blends seamlessly with gyprock and other internal finshes, with the important exception that it has quite respectable absorption characteristics. When used in an overall acoustic design, Maxbell panels are highly effective. We have used them on a number of projects from auditoriums to piano practice rooms.

Vibration products

Embelton - Embelton have a long history of providing noise and vibration isolation products.

Trelleborg Engineering - Trelleborg Engineering have an excellent collection of vibration isolation options.


Recording and PA

JLM Audio - Simply the finest recording equipment you will find in the world.If you need preamps, compressors or any front end gear make sure you go here first.

Musiclab - Online store for all your recording and studio equipment needs.

Acoustic Technologies - World leading loudspeakers and PA equipment. Australian design and made with outstanding customer service.


Transport and Industrial Noise

Schramm Group - Our preferred supplier for road traffic surveys, however they are mainly famous for road safety audits, traffic engineering, ITS, accident investigations and traffic management planning.

Matrix Industries - Matrix Industries is the Australian leader in design, engineering and manufacture of acoustic wall ties and floor mounts for the building industry as well as a supplier of remedial wall fixing solutions and other building products. Matrix Acoustics is not affiliated with Matrix Industries, but their products are the best in the industry.